Since I’m active on Twitch again, I thought it’d be important to list and/or state some important things here, to answer any potential frequently asked questions.


As of November 2020, every stream is recorded on a Lenovo ThinkPad T510 laptop.

It’s way, way not ideal for streaming so I’d spare you with the specs. The only upgrade it got so far was a RAM extension (from 4 to 8 GB) anyways.


For broadcasting I used Streamlabs OBS.

Twitch Studio was also used, for earlier streams.


As of November 2020 I’m centrally focusing on playing Doom mods.

List of played and planned Doom mods

Other games played on occasion:

Requests are accepted on popular demand, within my possibilities.


I always play background music on Spotify; these are the playlists I use the most frequently.

I try to focus on small artists for giving them exposue and to avoid muting from Twitch.



As of November 2020, every art used in and around the livestreaming “ecosystem” was made by Atis1.