Since I’m active on Twitch again, I thought it’d be important to list and/or state some important things here, to answer any potential frequently asked questions.

Rules, etiquette and others are discussed on Discord! Invitation link:


November 2020 - currently:


October 2020: Lenovo ThinkPad T510 - specifications, RAM upgraded to 8GB


For broadcasting I use Streamlabs OBS.

Twitch Studio was also used, for earlier streams.

Streaming schedule

It’s not a secret I’m a full-time developer and it gets ultimate priority over streaming. As such, I have very little saying in streaming dates: it’s sporadic and unpredictable.

Rule-of-thumbs as of January 2021:

In the #schedule channel of our Discord server has a constantly updated schedule calendar I use as a reference point for more detailed dates.


The central focus is on Doom mods, but on occasion, I do walkthroughs of other games. These subjects vary in quality and genre; most of them are obscure, but even if not, I have an emphasis on cyberpunk-themed games.

List of played and planned Doom mods

Other games played:

Requests are accepted on popular demand, within my possibilities.


On a case-by-case basis, I tend to turn off ingame music, and play my own selection of music.

Such background music is always played on Spotify; these are the playlists I use the most frequently.

I try to focus on small artists for giving them exposue and to avoid muting from Twitch.



As of January 2021, every art used in and around the livestreaming “ecosystem” was made by Atis1.